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Process of Incorporation

   Steps involved: 

  1. Application for DSC 

Digital Signature Certificate has to be acquired to submit the documents. DSC is mandatory for all the proposed directors and the subscribers to the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA).  

  1. Applying for Name Reservation (SPICe+ Part A) 

Form SPICe+ Part A reserves the unique name of the new company. Name availability in MCA portal has to be checked.. Using this form, 2 names can be submitted for the prospective companies. 

It takes a minimum of 2-3 business days to get the approval of SPICe+ Part A by MCA. In case of a conflict with proposed names, one gets another chance for the new name submission.  

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  1. Information required for Incorporation forms
Documents needed for Incorporation of the Company

After the approval of the name, the SPICe+ Part B form will be available to file. This includes filing of all incorporation documents including application of DIN for the directors, which can be obtained for a maximum of 3 Directors. The following details needs to be kept ready for filing the forms. 

  1. Capital details 
  1. Registered office address 
  1. Subscribers and Directors details 
  1. Selection of state or union territory for Stamp duty calculation 
  1. Attachment of necessary documents in PDF format 
  1. Declaration and certificate by practicing professionals like CA, CS, or CMA. 

  1. Filing of Incorporation Forms: 

The incorporation forms has to be filed within 20 days of name approval with the SPICE+ Form B. The following form has to be filed: 

  1. SPICe+MOA: It outlines a few important clauses for a company such as company name, registered office address, the main objective of the company, liability of the member, share capital and declaration by subscribers. 
  1. SPICe+AOA: It specifies the legal name of the company, official address, equity capital, organization activities, financial and managerial actions, and shareholder’s meeting. It defines the roles, duties, and powers of the management to grow the organization. 
  1. INC- 35 (AGILE-PRO): With this form you can get yourself registered under GST, PF, PT and ESIC, you can choose to whichever registrations that are applicable to you. 
  1. Certificate of Incorporation and other registrations 

Upon verification of the application, Registrar of Companies will issue the Certificate of Incorporation of the Company.

Information needed for Company Registration

Information needed for Company Registration

 Tentative Timeline 

Particulars Time involved 
Preparing the Documents 2-4 days 
Processing DSC 2-3 days 
RUN form 1-2 days 
Incorporation Processing (SPICe forms) 1 day 
Total days 7-10 days 

Timeline for Activities after Incorporation 

INC 22 30 days from the date of Incorporation 
Issue of Share Certificates 60 days from the date of Incorporation 
INC 20A 180 days from the date of Incorporation 

INC 22 to be filed for registered office details with the MCA. 

INC 20A to be filed to indicate that the share capital has been brought it in. 

Disclaimer:  “Information contained herein is for informational purposes only and should not be used in deciding any particular case. The entire contents of this document have been prepared on the basis of relevant provisions and as per the information existing at the time of the preparation. Though utmost efforts have been made to provide authentic information, it is suggested that to have better understanding and obtaining professional advice after thorough examination of particular situation.”

Prepared by 
Gayatri Ganesh – Article Assistant 

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